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MRS - online medical records system

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CASA’s new medical records system, MRS is now in use. Everyone involved in the medical certificate process now uses this secure online system – pilots, air traffic controllers, designated aviation medical examiners, designated aviation ophthalmologists, credentialed optometrists and CASA.

Pilots and air traffic controllers use their email address, Aviation Reference Number (ARN), full name (including any middle names) and date of birth to login into the system to begin the process of renewing or applying for a medical certificate.

Pilots and air traffic controllers will receive an email from CASA reminding them when their medical certificate is due to expire. The email will ask them to confirm their personal details and update their medical history in MRS.

MRS user guides

MRS Resources

For pilots and ATCs

For examiners

Do you have a question about using MRS?

Quick tips for using MRS are available here. This information is designed to answer common questions about using MRS. You should also have a look at the MRS user guides.

What support is available for MRS?

Pilots and air traffic controllers having issues using MRS should refer to the user manual or call CASA’s Aviation Medicine branch on 1300 4 AVMED (28633).

DAMEs having issues using MRS should refer to the user manual or contact the IT Coordinator: 02 6217 1405.

The DAME Liaison officers can provide limited IT support to DAMEs in the absence of the IT Coordinator.