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Resources for DAMEs and other examiners

Forms for Medical Certification

A DAME must keep adequate supplies of forms for examinations, even if using the MRS online system.

It is advisable not to stock-pile forms in large quantities as the forms will change regularly and when they do, the old forms will no longer be suitable for submission. The old forms will not be refundable either.

You can order the forms from the Online Store or by using Form 1001 Manual Order Form.

Medical information from international authorities

CASA’s Aviation Medicine Branch has professional links with a range of international regulators and relevant authorities.

Below are links which will take you to the relevant websites or documents produced of a number of these authorities:

CASA Insulin protocol

CASA has developed a protocol for the selection of Class 2 applicants treated with Insulin wishing to apply for solo certification.

The insulin protocol document outlines the requirements. Any pilots wishing to work towards this certification should contact Aviation Medicine on

International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM) presentations

A series of presentations by CASA Aviation medical staff to ICASM:

Age requirements reference chart

Aviation Medicine has produced a quick reference chart in chapter 4.4 of the DAME Handbook for DAMES which details some specific Av Med processes.

Also available is a coronary heart risk factor prediction chart in chapter 4.4 of the DAME Handbook for use by DAMEs.