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Medical certification process frequently asked questions (FAQS)

CASA has prepared a series of answers to common or frequently asked questions about the medical certification process.

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Q. How do I apply for a medical certificate?

You can apply for a medical certificate in CASA’s medical records system, MRS. You will need to enter your Aviation Reference Number (ARN) to login to MRS.

Q. I don’t have an ARN. How do I apply for one?

Complete Form 1162 Aviation Reference Number (ARN) Application. Attach the appropriate identification as per the form. Send to the address on the form.

Q. How long does it take to get an ARN?

It can take up to 3 weeks, a letter will come in the mail with the ARN on it.

Q. I need to find a DAME in my area.

Search for a Medical Examiner or Eye Examiner and find a DAME in your area. If there is no one in your area you may have to go to the nearest location to you. Your GP cannot do the examination. It must be performed by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner. For eye examinations you must see a CASA designated Ophthalmologist or a CASA Credentialed Optometrist. These are also listed at the above link.

Q. Where can I get an Audiogram performed?

If your DAME does not do this test, you can attend any audiology clinic (check the yellow pages). Some pathology companies also do audiology. Your DAME may be able to advise one near to them.

Q. Do I need to get a CASA approved doctor for my specialist reports?

No. You can see any specialist except for Addiction Medicine Specialists. If you have been asked to see a Fellow of the Chapter of Addiction Medicine then you must seek a consultation with one of these specialists.

Q. I have a medical condition that I am concerned about. What is the best way to go about getting advice?

Contact your DAME for professional advice in relation to your condition and the effect it may have in regards to being issued with a medical certificate.

Q. CASA processing fee

The $75 fee is required to pay for the processing and assessment of your application for a medical certificate. It is a fixed fee and covers all medical certificate applications regardless of the complexity of the assessment. The fee covers the immediate costs for receiving and processing the application, the costs of obtaining external advice on applications, the costs associated with the medical records system, reviewing and developing standards and policies, and related costs such as general administrative overheads.

This fee must be paid in MRS before the medical will be processed.

Q. How can I pay for my medical?

The processing fee for your medical certificate application must be paid in MRS. You can no longer pay this fee in the CASA payment portal.

If you’re applying for a Class 1 or Class 3 medical certificate, you pay the processing fee in MRS before you see your DAME.

If you’re applying for a Class 2 medical certificate, you don’t have to pay the CASA processing fee until you see your DAME. This is because payment of the fee is not required in some cases – some DAMEs can assess and issue Class 2 medical certificates.

If your application does need to be assessed by CASA, make sure you pay the processing fee in MRS at the end of your examination. Your DAME will not be able to submit your application to CASA to process until this fee has been paid in MRS.

Q. How long does it take to process my medical?

The service delivery time is up to 28 days, once the required reports and the processing fee are received by CASA.

The following may cause delays to the process:

  • No payment received by CASA
  • Incomplete applications that need to be returned to the DAME
  • Time to complete additional tests and receipt of results by CASA
  • Time for CASA to receive specialist reports.

Q. My medical is about to expire and I can't get in to see the DAME before then, what can I do about it?

You may request an extension to your medical certificate in writing. There is a fee of $50 for this.

Q. What is required of me to renew my medical?

In addition to the routine medical examination, you need to undergo other tests depending on your age and the class of medical certificate you are applying for.

Gather any information that CASA may have requested of you. This request would have been in the form of a letter sent with your last medical certificate telling you what reports would be required at your next medical. It is important to refer to that letter and make appointments before you do your medical with your DAME.

You need to make an appointment to see your DAME and check the age requirements chart for age requirements. Refer to Special Reports and Tests Required for Medical Certification for further information.

Q. When can I get my renewal medical done so I can keep the same anniversary date?

No more than 28 days out from the medical certificate expiry date.

Q. How can I check the progress of my medical application?

You can check the progress of your application by clicking on the link in the email you receive from CASA once your application is submitted in MRS.

Q. I sat my medical a month ago, why haven't I received my certificate yet?

Check the following:

  • Has the processing fee been paid to CASA?
  • Has the DAME sent it?

If so, call Av Med on 1300 4 AVMED (1300 428 633) to discuss.

Q. How can I update my address details?

You can update your address details in CASA Self Service

Q. Can you re-send me the letter that the CASA doctor has written to me?

Yes. Please contact Av Med.

Q. How does CASA deal with pilots with colour vision deficiency?

Australia is more flexible in its approach than other countries in allowing applicants to sit multiple sequential tests for CVD where a fail is recorded and a medical certificate can be issued if at any stage any of the three-level tests are passed.  Most overseas regulators do not allow this level of flexibility.

The procedures are:

Initial issue of class 1 medicals

Applicants for a Class 1 Medical Certificate must either satisfy the criteria specified in CASR 67.150, or be found by CASA not to pose a danger to safety on account of their CVD. To satisfy the requirements of CASR 67.150, the applicant must first attempt the Ishihara test. If they fail that test, they must then undertake the Farnsworth Lantern test. If the Farnsworth Lantern test is also failed a third level of test specified (for the individual case) by CASA must be undertaken. Failure of that third-level test may allow for the issue of a medical certificate if CASA finds that the applicant’s CVD does not pose a danger to safety. A Medical Certificate issued on this basis will be subject to certain limitations or restrictions.

Initial issue of class 2 medicals

If the Ishihara test is failed, a certificate will be offered restricted to day VFR only. If the applicant wants this restriction removed, they must pass one of the tests as per Part 67.

Class 1 medical renewals

No immediate change. CVD Class 1 pilots may need to undergo a CAD test in the future.

Class 2 medical renewals

No immediate change.

Air Transport Pilot Licence applications

A certificate will not be issued until a test has been passed as per the existing regulatory requirements.

Q. Can I get a copy of my current medical?

Yes. You can get a copy of your medical certificate from MRS free of charge.