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Information for DAME, DAO, CO and medical specialists

Aviation medicals are now online

All aviation medicals now need to be completed online in the new medical records system, MRS.

More information about MRS including a user guide is available.

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Designated aviation medical practitioners (DAMEs) perform medical examinations to meet the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act 1988, the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 and the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

The practitioners approved to perform these examinations are known as Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs) or Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAOs). They are responsible to the CASA Principal Medical Officer, who oversees the administration of the DAME and DAO systems.

In order to meet CASA’s needs and the needs of applicants for medical certification, appropriately qualified holders of certain positions are also permitted to undertake the duties of DAMEs and DAOs.

In order to meet CASA’s needs and the needs of applicants who are distant from regular examiners for medical certification, appropriately qualified individual practitioners may also be permitted, as needed, to undertake the duties of DAMEs and DAOs.

Some optometrists are also approved to perform all those examinations usually carried out by DAOs. These practitioners are known as Credentialed Optometrists (COs).

The role of the DAME is complex and involves many aspects of aviation medicine including:

  • To personally examine an applicant for medical certification
  • To discuss with the applicant their medical history and record in the medical examination
  • To refer for follow up testing as required
  • To send all of the relevant information to CASA in a reasonable period (usually not more than 14 days from examination)
  • To respond to questions from Applicants about illness/medical conditions
  • To issue certificates for fitness to return to flying

Information in this section aims to provide specific resources and generally assist all DAMEs, DAOs and COs in their duties.

Medical specialists who have an involvement or interest in avation medicine will also find useful information in this section. All questions and enquiries about any of the published material can be directed to Aviation Medicine.