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Pilots and air traffic controllers

Aviation medicals are now online

All aviation medicals now need to be completed in MRS by pilots and air traffic controllers. Payment for aviation medicals is also made in MRS.

If your email address is correct with CASA you will receive an email from CASA when your medical certificate is due to expire. The email will ask you to confirm your personal details and update your medical history in MRS.

Once you complete and submit your application in MRS, you will receive an email from CASA including a link and a reference number for your application. Click on this link to check the progress of your application.

More information about MRS including a user guide is available.

Pilots and ATCs
MRS login

MRS workflow for pilots and ATC's

To maintain and enhance aviation safety, a valid medical certificate appropriate for the class of licence is also required for the licence holder to legally exercise the privileges of their specific licence.

CASA issues aviation medical certificates to applicants who meet the relevant medical standard.

Each class of medical certificate also has a medical standard set out in tables in Part 67 of the CASR. A summary of these standards can be found on the Classes of medical certificates page.

The Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner's Certificate (RAMPC) allows recreational pilot license holders to fly without the requirement to hold a CASA Class 2 medical. More information is available via the links below.