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Processing times

Av Med’s current service delivery standard for assessing an application for a medical certificate is 28 business days.

This timeframe begins from the time all documentation required for assessment of the medical application is received by CASA, including payment for all fees.

Assessment of an application cannot begin until payment is received. Payment needs to be made in MRS. Payment for aviation medicals cannot be made through the CASA payment portal (powered by Westpac).

CASA may require addition documentation to assist in the assessment of the application. These may include additional test results, medical specialist reports or additional information from the DAME.  There may be weeks to months between CASA receiving the medical certificate application from the DAME and receiving these additional documentation.  The 28 business day service delivery time for processing the application can only be taken from receipt of the last required piece of documentation that will enable complete assessment of the medical.

Where a medical application is complete and does not require further tests or specialist reports, the current processing time is up to 4 weeks, once it is received at CASA. However complex cases which need to be assessed by a Complex Case Management (CCM) process can take an additional 3-4 weeks. If your medical is due to expire within the next 2 weeks and you're concerned that your application won’t be assessed in time to meet your needs, please call AvMed on 1300 4 AVMED.

Where a medical application is complicated or requires additional test results or specialist reports to be submitted, the current average processing time is approximately 47 days from receipt of the initial medical application form.  This time is heavily impacted by the time it takes for applicants to complete additional tests and CASA to receive results or reports.

What you can do to help

There are several steps an applicant can take to help the process.

  • Pay the required fee in MRS before you submit your application in MRS. Class 2 medical certificate applicants are not requested to pay the CASA processing fee in MRS until they see a DAME.
  • Check with the DAME if additional tests are required for this medical. You can refer to the additional tests chart for DAMES for further information on age-related tests which may be required.

Factors that will delay issue of a certificate

The things that will delay CASA being able to process your application include:

  • No payment received by CASA
  • Time to complete additional tests and receipt of results by CASA
  • Time for CASA to receive specialist reports.