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Fees charged for processing your application

CASA charges for a range of regulatory services and under Australian Government policy must charge fees to recover the cost of providing these services.

The payment is not for the provision of the medical certificate, but for the work involved in the processing and consideration of the application.

A $75.00 fee is charged to process and consider an application for a medical certificate. This fee applies to all classes of medical certificate whether it is an initial issue or renewal.

The assessment of your application will only begin when CASA has received your payment and all supporting documents.

Phone payments ceased

Over the phone payments for medical certificates are no longer available.

All medicals are paid for using the Medical Records System (MRS). Applicants can do this before their application is submitted or alternatively the DAME can take payment during the examination. If no payment is received the DAME will not be able to submit the application to CASA and this may delay the issuing of the medical certificate.

Fees for medical certificate applications

The fee you pay for your consultation with your DAME is separate from CASA’s fee for processing your medical certificate application.

CASA’s fees for processing specific medical certification applications and requests are:

Request type CASA processing fee
Class 1 medical $ 75.00
Class 2 medical $ 75.00
Class 3 medical $ 75.00
Reconsideration of application $ 150.00
Extension of medical certificate $ 50.00
Provide a copy of a medical certificate (e.g. provide a fax copy or replace a lost certificate) $ 25.00

If you are applying for multiple classes in the same application, you will only need to pay a single processing fee of $75.

Payment Methods

It is preferable that all payments to CASA are made in MRS. The system will provide you with a receipt number for your payment.

If you wish to pay by cheque or money order (write your ARN on the back of the cheque/money order) and mail it to:   

Aviation Medicine
GPO Box 1544
Canberra ACT 2601

Your receipt number will be printed on your medical certificate and this becomes your official receipt for payment if you have not paid online.

More information

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