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Designated Aviation Medical Examiner's Handbook

The DAME Handbook has been developed by CASA to provide information to DAMEs to help them understand and provide guidance regarding the general approach CASA takes in dealing with a range of medical conditions.

DAMEs can use the information in this handbook to stay informed across a range of aeromedical topics and also to help you in your communication with pilots and air traffic controllers who seek the services of a DAME.

It also helps DAMEs understand which medical investigations or specialist reviews may be helpful in helping CASA’s decision making processes regarding an application for medical certification.

With the launch of the new Medical Records System (MRS) it is important DAMES understand the measures your practice must take to comply with the Terms and Conditions. A summary of the MRS Terms and Conditions is provided.

The links below will take you to each section of the handbook and individual chapters.

1. Introduction
1.1 Abbreviations used in this Handbook
1.2 The Origin and Development of the CASA DAME Handbook
1.3 The Purpose of the DAME Handbook
2. About DAMEs, DAOs and COs
2.1 Appointment and Legal Status of Designated Aviation Medical Examiners
2.2 Qualifications and Experience
2.3 Duration of Designation
2.4 Duties and Responsibilities of DAMEs
2.5 Duties and Responsibilities of DAOs and COs
2.6 Facilities and Equipment
3. Regulations and Fees
3.1 Powers under the Civil Aviation Regulations
3.2 Responsibilities under the Civil Aviation Regulations
3.3 Protection under the Civil Aviation Regulations
3.4 Fees
4. Medical Certification
4.1 Licences
4.2 Classes of Medical Certificates for Licence Types
4.3 Duration of Validity
4.4 Special Reports and Tests Required for Medical Certification
5. Medical Assessment
5.1 Submission of Medical Examinations
5.2 Regulatory requirements
5.3 The Medical Certificate
5.4 Medical Certificate Revalidation (Extension)
5.5 Assessments other than "Issue" Assessments
5.6 Identification of CASA Examiners (DAMEs, DAOs and COs)
6. Medical tests
6.1 Electrocardiographs
6.2 Audiograms
6.3 Special Hearing Tests
6.4 Assessment by Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists or Designated Aviation Eye Examiners
6.5 Temporary Incapacity of Certificate Holders
6.6 Additional Investigations and Specialist Opinions
6.7 Special Periodic Examinations Required
6.8 Other Special Examinations
7. Endorsements
7.1 General
7.2 Frequently Used Conditions Endorsed on Medical Certificates
7.3 Multi-Crew Endorsement
8. General
8.1 General
9. Identification and Registration
9.1 Aviation Reference Number (ARN) Identification
9.2 Aviation Reference Number (ARN) Registration
10. Blood Pressure
10.1 Acceptable Blood Pressure Levels
11. DAME Code of Conduct
11.1 Code of conduct for DAMEs, DAOs and COs
12. DAME assessment
12.1 DAME's assessment and issue of certificates
12.2 DAME prerequisites for eligibility to be a DAME delegate for issue of Class 2 medical certificates
12.3 Excluded medical conditions and prior endorsements
12.4 CASA's approach to Aeromedical Risk Assessment for clinical problems other than excluded medical conditions
12.5 DAME Clinical Practice Guidelines
12.6 Procedure for a DAME to issue a Class 2 medical certificates
13. MRS Online – Terms and Conditions
13. MRS Online – Terms and Conditions