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5.6 Identification of CASA Examiners (DAMEs, DAOs and COs)


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Each designated examiner (including approved locum examiners) requires an individual Aviation Reference Number (ARN), which must be obtained from CASA - refer Form 1162 - Aviation Reference Number (ARN) Application.

CASA issues a unique identification stamp to each DAME. Each stamp carries a state or territory based code ('A' for ACT, 'Q 'for Queensland etc, or 'I' for International) plus a three-digit number. Similarly, CASA issues a unique identification stamp to each DAO These also carry an alphanumeric code designating the state or territory plus a restriction limiting examinations to applicants' eyes ('SE' for South Australia, 'VE' for Victoria, 'IE' for International, etc). Each stamp is intended for the exclusive use of the individual examiner to whom it is issued and, except as provided hereafter, must not be loaned to or used by any other practitioner without prior approval by the CASA PMO.

When CASA has approved a locum to act for a DAME, DAO or CO, the locum is to use the appropriate principal examiner's stamp and also identify himself/herself as a locum in accordance with procedures in following paragraphs.


Locum approval must be obtained in writing from CASA prior to the dates requested. CASA requires a written request including the requested date, the contact details and signature of the proposed locum and the CV of the proposed locum. Once locum approval is gained in writing, the locum is able to perform aviation medical examinations and/or ophthalmological examinations using the existing stamp and writing 'locum' next to the stamp within the requested dates.

Locums are viewed the same as DAMEs and DAOs in terms of indemnification, rights and responsibilities. Locums are required to abide by the Conditions of Appointment.

Identified Positions

CASA also issues DAME stamps to occupants of certain identified positions who otherwise meet the requirements for appointment as DAMEs (refer CASR 67). These are senior medical positions in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) or Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), or other large organisations, e.g. airlines or large group practices. Whenever an approved ADF or RFDS medical officer performs a medical assessment under the auspices of one of these identification stamps, details of the individual examiner are also required. Thus it is only possible for ADF or RFDS medical staff who have registered with CASA to perform medical assessments under the auspices of one of these stamps.

The DAME/DAO stamp plus the examiner's ARN must be inserted on all applicant consent and examiner certification forms before their dispatch to CASA, together with signatures of the applicant and of the examiner.

Examiners' identification stamps should be stored securely when not in use. The unique identification number on each stamp should be used in all correspondence between the examiner and CASA.