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2.3 Duration of Designation


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CASA appoints DAMEs and DAOs for periods specified at the time of appointment. They are required to re-apply for appointment at the end of each such period. (In the interest of continuity, DAMEs who are desirous of renewal should apply at least 30 days before the end of the period of designation)

Designation lapses if the designated examiner ceases to practise at the location(s) for which he/she is appointed, unless CASA approves a changed practice location.

Designation lapses if the designated examiner fails to observe the relevant conditions of appointment as set out in Form 755.

Designation does not automatically extend to a designated examiner's partners, assistants, locums or successors without prior CASA approval, which should be sought well in advance of any anticipated need. Designated examiners who wish to have other practitioners act in their stead should contact CASA to ascertain precise requirements.

For DAMEs' proposed locums, completion of an approved aviation medicine course is a prerequisite for approval. CASA does not usually approve locum appointments for periods of less than four weeks.