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2.4 Duties and Responsibilities of DAMEs


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All DAMEs must abide with the 11.1 Code of conduct for DAMEs, DAOs and COs .

On becoming aware of any condition of potential aeromedical significance in the holder of or applicant for an aviation medical certificate, the DAME must notify CASA of full details within five working days. Note that certain minor conditions (see 6.5 Temporary Incapacity of Certificate Holders) need not be reported until the applicant's next-following routine medical assessment. CASR 67.125 refers.

The DAME must be satisfied as to the identity of each applicant for medical certification. Unless the DAME personally knows the applicant, he/she must sight a photographic identity document of the applicant. Subsequently, the DAME is required to certify that he/she has formally identified each applicant. CASR 67.170 refers.

Note: It is prudent to remind applicants, when making appointments, of the need to bring photographic identification to their appointments.

The DAME is to answer the medical history questions in the medical assessment report, in conjunction with the applicant, and ensure that the applicant understands each such question. DAMEs may choose to ask the applicant to answer the questions on the form by themselves, but - in such situations - should review the form carefully and ensure completeness. All answers that are indicative of a clinical issue should be explored with the applicant.

The DAME is to examine personally each applicant presenting for examination, and record the results in the medical assessment report. Where the DAME obtains assistance from one of the staff (nurse, other health professional) for performance of part of the examination, the DAME remains responsible and accountable for the conduct of the entire examination.

The DAME is to perform or arrange for any investigations or specialist assessments that are necessary for the examiner to be satisfied that the applicant meets the medical standard for the Class of medical certificate sought.

The DAME is to comply with CASA's directions concerning completion and lodgement of medical reports. Details are available at 5.1 Submission of Medical Examinations.

The DAME is to forward to CASA each medical report or ancillary report received concerning an applicant for medical certification. In usual circumstances, all such reports should be dispatched within the next working day.

The DAME is to ensure that the applicant signs Form 011A - Application for Aviation Medical Certificate - Declaration on completion of the examination. Thereafter, the DAME is to complete his/her details on the statement, and forward it to CASA within the specified period. Under no circumstances should the statement be given to the applicant to dispatch to CASA.

The DAME is to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the relevant civil aviation medical standards and techniques required by CASA and by ICAO, and also interpret these requirements for applicants for medical certification In particular, the DAME is to understand and implement advice from CASA on publication of DAME Newsletters or of changes to the DAME Handbook.

The DAME is to notify CASA promptly of any change of address, change of e-mail address, change of telephone number, or absence from practice for periods of four weeks or more.

The DAME is to display his/her certificate of appointment as a DAME in his or her professional rooms.

The DAME is to return his/her official stamp to CASA on cessation of appointment.

The DAME is to use his/her official stamp only for CASA-related purposes. In particular, it should not be used as a means of certifying completion of any medical examinations not required, or approved by CASA.

CASA requests that DAMEs inform the Authority of details when they learn of the death of any medical certificate holder. (Although this is not a requirement of appointment, such notice is useful for CASA's monitoring of the health of Australia's aviation workforce.)

An indicative checklist of actions for DAMEs is shown below for guidance:

Preparation At appointment After appointment
  • Applicant has ARN?
  • Routine examinations as per age and class ordered?
  • Special exams from last CASA letter or own knowledge (less than 90 days old) available or ordered?
  • Confirm ID
  • Confirm/obtain history
  • Conduct examination
  • Declaration
  • Request follow up information (from exam and history eg, GP notes, spec reports, etc)
  • Collate reports
    • Routine
    • CAR
    • Additional
  • Submit to CASA (within next working day)
  • Respond to requests from CASA
  • Review CASA decision letter and plan appointments etc. for special exams (for next medical)