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5.1 Submission of Medical Examinations


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Applicant expectations

There is an increasing focus on timely service delivery in all regulatory processes, and it is important that all parts of the process are timely and efficient.

CASA prefers that all submissions should be electronic, and MRS online is the reflection of the whole of CASA approach. It is preferred that all medical application submissions from all DAMEs be online.

Online submissions (MRS Online)

From 2003, CASA has adopted a medical assessing system intended to automate the process of medical certification to the greatest extent practicable. The technological platform for this process is a computer-based system known as the CASA Medical Records System Online (MRS Online). Further development of MRS Online in 2009-10 has further improved the speed and accuracy of medical certification.

Form 011A - Application for Aviation Medical Certificate - Declaration is required with each application. The declaration should be printed, signed scanned and uploaded with the MRS examination so as to reduce delays. This will mean that the complete package will be available at CASA instantaneously.

Please remind the applicant that the processing fee needs to be paid before CASA commences assessment of the medical material.

Paper submissions

CASA continues to accept hard copies of medical applications, and maintains a limited capability to process paper-based routine reports of medical assessments. Because of the additional steps in processing required, (scanning and optical character recognition of the applications), and the postal delays, this takes longer than applications that are submitted electronically. It is vital that DAMEs submit all paper based applications within the next working day after the examination.

Other medical reports

It is CASA's preference that all electronic reports be scanned and transmitted electronically as attachments to the medical assessment form (for MRS Online).

In the case of paper submissions, all supporting reports and documents should be mailed as a package with the application.

Notwithstanding best efforts, sometimes reports are received late and need to be submitted separately to the medical application package. In these cases, it is CASA’s preference for all these to be scanned and emailed to CASA. This ensures that 1) there is no further delay in transmission (no postal delay) and 2) the DAME has confidence in the transmission (a receipt email is sent from CASA when the email arrives).