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7.2 Frequently Used Conditions Endorsed on Medical Certificates

Endorsement Interpretation
Renew by CASA only. The DAME may not revalidate the medical certificate. Any revalidation or renewal is the prerogative of CASA Medical staff.
CASA Audit required. The DAME may revalidate the medical certificate, but CASA will audit the medical before issuance. If the medical is unable to be audited within the period of the extension provided, the medical certificate will lapse.
Visual correction required. Applicant requires visual correction in order to meet the visual standard. Appropriate correction must be worn; and second pair of correction to be available; when exercising the privileges of the licence. (Class 3 certificates only).
Near Vision Correction. Applicant requires visual correction in order to meet the near vision standard. Appropriate correction must be readily available and a spare pair of prescription spectacles carried/readily available when exercising the privileges of the licence.
Not valid for mustering or agricultural flying. Self-explanatory.
Holder does not fully meet requirements of ICAO Convention Chapter 6 of Annex 1. This endorsement indicates that the medical certificate is issued despite the holder's failure to meet a required medical standard, as the safety of air navigation is not adversely affected. Use in any other ICAO contracting state requires specific advance approval by the Regulator for that state.
Not valid for ATPL


Endorsement Interpretation
Not valid for rotary wing operations. Self-explanatory.
Special conditions apply. Detailed, individually determined conditions are set out in the referenced letter, which must be carried with the medical certificate whenever exercising the privileges of the licence.
Holder to fly as or with a qualified co-pilot/ safety pilot. Refer 7.3 Multi-Crew Endorsement.
Holder may exercise the privileges of the licence without supervision, but there must at all times be another licensed air traffic controller who is aware of the holder's impairment present and able to assume the holder's air traffic management duties should the holder experience sudden incapacitation. Self-explanatory (Class 3 certificates only).


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