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2.1 Appointment and Legal Status of Designated Aviation Medical Examiners


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In order to use a Flight Crew Licence or Air Traffic Service Licence, it is necessary to have a medical clearance at a standard appropriate to the licence held. Within Australia, designated medical practitioners perform the necessary medical examinations for the Aviation Medicine Section of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Designated medical practitioners perform medical examinations to meet the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act 1988, the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 and the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998. The practitioners approved to perform these examinations are known as Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs) or Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAOs). They are responsible to the PMO, who oversees the administration of the DAME and DAO systems.

In order to meet CASA's needs and the needs of applicants for medical certification, appropriately qualified holders of certain positions are also permitted to undertake the duties of DAMEs and DAOs.

In order to meet CASA's needs and the needs of applicants who are distant from regular examiners for medical certification, appropriately qualified individual practitioners may also be permitted, as needed, to undertake the duties of DAMEs and DAOs.

Certain optometrists are also approved to perform all those examinations usually carried out by DAOs. These practitioners are known as Credentialed Optometrists (COs).

To request appointment or reappointment as a DAME, or DAO complete a CASA application form (Form 755). Intending applicants may wish first to obtain additional information from the CASA DAME Liaison Officer. All DAMEs must meet the requirements of 67.045 before being able to be credentialed. They must have undergone an acceptable course of training.

If you wish to be credentialed as a CO contact the Optometrist's Association of Australia.