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Quick tips for MRS

  • User guides for MRS can be found here.
  • MRS is best accessed in CHROME.
  • Please ensure your cookies are enabled as this will impact you when trying to log into MRS.
  • To login to MRS you need to enter your full name, including middle name, date of birth and ARN.

Pilots and ATCS

  • Once you start an application, you need to enter and submit your complete medical history in MRS before you see a DAME. Unless you complete this step the DAME will not be able to start the examination.
  • Don't worry if you make a mistake on your application or you are unsure of an answer. Your DAME can amend the record to reflect the right information during your examination.
  • Payments are now made in MRS. Payments for aviation medicals cannot be made in the CASA payment portal.
  • Payment should be made in MRS by the applicant before the application is submitted, unless they are applying for a Class 2 medical certificate. Class 2 medical certificate applicants are not requested to pay the CASA processing fee in MRS until they see a DAME.
  • If no payment is received the DAME will not be able to submit the application to CASA and this may delay the issuing of the medical certificate.

Quick tips for DAMEs, COs, DAOs, nurses and receptionists

  • It is important that DAMEs ask Class 2 medical certificate applicants to pay the CASA processing fee in MRS at the end of their examination; otherwise the application cannot be submitted to CASA in MRS by the DAME.
  • Common SNOMED codes are available here. The codes are for diagnoses, not treatments.
  • DAMEs no longer need to add a zero in front of their ARN as some DAMEs had to do in the old MRS.
  • If you are a nurse or receptionist that has an ARN but has not contacted CASA to set-up a role in MRS, please contact us at