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February 2014 edition

DAME Newsletter - February 2014

AvMed Medical Officers

2014 bring with in many challenges for AvMed a significant one being that we say goodbye to two of our Medical Officers. Sadly (for us) both Dr David Fitzgerald and Dr Peter Clem are moving on to the next chapter in their careers. David has got a position as the Occupational Physician at Emirates Airways, and Peter has gone (back) to Defence in Brisbane. While it is a real loss for CASA, it is good for their careers, and we wish them all the best.

MRS Online enhancement

Since the enhancement to the MRS on-line system in October requiring the declaration to be scanned and submitted at the time of submission, some DAME’S were having problems with scanning and attaching the Declaration to the Medical. We recognise the problems faced by some DAMEs as a result of the group practices having a centralised scanner, and we have been able to provide an interim solution to assist in this process.

We will no longer be able to offer this assistance as of April 1st Please ensure that you are familiar with the process for scanning and attaching documents to enable you submit medical examinations on-line. Karl is available on 02 6217 1405 or 0434 076 851

Payment forms

We continue to receive a significant amount of payment forms uploaded to MRS On-line. Please be aware that all payment forms must not be uploaded through the MRS System - this is to prevent any opportunity for fraud or misuse by holding credit card details. Please always email payment forms to or fax to 02 6217 1640. Online payments are currently being implemented and we will advise you as soon as it is available to pilots.

Direct AvMed Phone line

The contact number for pilots and controllers is 1300 4 AVMED ( 1300 4 28633 ).

The contact number for DAMEs has not changed: +61 2 6217 1170.

Please review CPG pages : Coronary Artery Disease, TIA and Cerebrovascular Accident

After a recent cardiology workshop we have reviewed our policy on stenting. Some pilots and controllers may be able to get back to work and flying after 6 weeks. The pages for TIA and Cerebrovascular Accidents have also been amended to reflect evidence of significant ongoing risks after an event. Please take the opportunity to review these changes.

Diabetes, Coronary Risk Score (CRS) and IFG/IGT

For the purposes of the CRS calculation all IFG and IGT are calculated as diabetic that is 3 points for Males and 6 points for Females.

We are reviewing CASA policy about glucose intolerance and trying to reduce the requirement to repeat OGTT for those pilots who are glucose intolerant (>5.5). As this happens we will keep you posted. Also, there is a new player on the market, SGLT2 inhibitors. We are looking into this, and early indications are that they are low on the hypoglycaemia risk, so as a monotherapy, or in combination with a biguanide they should be acceptable. If they are combined with a sulphonylurea or insulin, then the risk of those medications applies.

For more information see Australian Family Physician - SGLT2 inhibition with dapagliflozin.

The CASA - DAME relationship survey

We have a new survey that is out, now. This one asks about the way CASA interacts with you. As before, its really important that all DAMEs respond to this so that we can get feedback. There is plenty of room for comments, so please let us know what you think!

DAME Education and CPD

Seminar and conference information




ASAM SA Regional Meeting 16 Feb 2014 Intercontinental Hotel, Adelaide
ASAM NSW Regional Meeting 5 April 2014  Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney
AMSVIC – Warbirds over Wanaka, Scientific Meeting 18-21 April 2014 Queenstown, NZ 
ASAM WA Regional Meeting May 2014  Western Australia
ASAM Annual Conference  10-13 Sept 2014 Brisbane
ICASM 2014 12-16 Oct 2014 Mexico City, Mexico