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June 2014 edition

DAME Newsletter - June 2014

MRS2 DAME Survey

Your response to the Medical Questionnaire survey sent out last month has been received. A similar survey was also forwarded to a group of approximately 1500 pilots for their perspective.

Largely the view has been that the new form design is as step in the right direction, with the majority of DAMEs preferring the new concept or the medical form.

I would like to thank those of you who participated in the survey as your feedback is invaluable and will assist with the development of the new system.

DAME 2 Initiative

The final scheduled session will be held in Fremantle this coming weekend.  The delegation document is being tweaked by the CASA Lawyers and will be ready for signature by the Director of Aviation Safety in the very near future.

When operational we will at first operate with a control group of 6 DAMEs who have agreed to assist with the implementation of the DAME2 system. On completion of this trial period of 4-6 weeks we will extend the delegation to all DAMEs who have attended an education session.

Investigations ordered

When asking for lab investigations that go over and beyond CASA requirements, please ensure that there is a clinical indication, and also let the pilots know that they are being requested for the purpose of clarifying a question related to whatever it might be.  This is to ensure that we are not at the receiving end of complaints about DAMEs requiring more tests than required for the CASA medical exam.

AvMed Contact numbers

The contact number for pilots and controllers is 1300 4 AVMED (1300 4 28633).

The contact number for DAMEs has not changed: +61 2 6217 1170.

DAME Education and CPD

Seminar and conference information

Seminar and conference information
Event Date Location
ASAM WA Regional Meeting 7 June 2014 Fremantle
ASAM Annual Conference 10-13 Sept 2014 Brisbane
ICASM 2014 12-16 Oct 2014   Mexico City, Mexico

Upcoming DAME2 sessions

DAME2 training and information sessions
Location Date
WA (Fremantle)* Sunday  8th June 2014

*including an extended session with the developers of MRS2.