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September 2014 edition

DAME Newsletter - September 2014

New Director CASA

31st August marked the final day for John McCormick’s tenure as Director of CASA.

Terry Farquharson is Acting Director of Flight Safety, while we await the announcement of John’s successor.

Medical Records System 2 - Coming to a computer near you in 2015

CASA has a project underway to replace the existing Medical Records System (MRS) with a modern, robust system. There are components of the existing MRS that are 15 years old and are no longer supportable. The age of the existing system has translated into frequent outages and unreliable service to our DAMEs as well as CASA staff.

AvMed have taken this opportunity to focus on design features to speed-up the whole process i.e. from Application to Issue of an Aviation Medical Certificate. The system is also being built utilising technology that will make it available on mobile devices i.e. enhancing the accessibility of the new system.

Applicant Medical History

The Applicants will have an online interface to enter and maintain their medical history. This will be a cumulative history that will reflect the applicant’s entries as well as any amendments that the DAME may make during an examination. It is in the DAME’s best interests to encourage their applicant to log-on to the new system and update their medical history prior to their appointment.

Routine and Special Tests (CARs)

A list of the routine and special tests (as in CASA Audit Requirements) required by CASA for a specific medical examination will be available when the appointment is being made. This will allow the DAME’s office to arrange all referrals as well as the collection and upload of test results prior to the examination. Once a report has been uploaded to the system it is then available for viewing by the examiner.

Integrated Payment System

The new MRS is integrated with a WestPac Credit Card payment system that will allow the collection of CASA fees through a secure credit card payment. This can be carried out in the Applicant’s interface or the DAME’s interface depending on circumstances. Previously CASA has had to wait for confirmation of receipt of funds before it could issue certificates. In the new system, this will be an immediate confirmation of funds being received. Certificates can then be issued immediately.

Document Upload and View Facility

An automated rules engine will generate a list of issues flagged through the medical examination process. DAMEs will use a search facility on the SNOMED Clinical Terminology taxonomy to populate a list of Medical Problems / Disorders which will then be mapped back to the examination issues list. This will provide the up-to-date Problem List. Medical Assessment hinges on the problems identified.

Why online?

To make an informed examination, and in some cases, assessment, DAME’s need to have access to the aviation medical records. MRS 2 will be a web browser based application i.e. all DAME’s using this system will need to access it via the internet – there will no longer be any ability to manage paper-based Aviation Medical Examinations. We are also deploying the application onto highly redundant infrastructure that will mean MRS2 is always available.


An MRS2 demonstration is planned for ASAM in Brisbane, with training beginning early in 2015. We will keep you informed.

Key points are:

  • New online Medical Records System [MRS2] will be launched next year.
  • It will enable the DAME to see the applicant’s full (declared) medical history and assessment details. This helps the Examiner to undertake a more informed and focussed examination, and improves the quality and accuracy of the data.
  • It will be the communication centre for all matters relating to certification, and enable secure email contact and feedback about applications. A “chat” function will enable queries and comments to be communicated quickly and directly, tagged to the applicant’s file.
  • The applicant will be able to (and is encouraged to) complete the application online prior to the appointment. This will be possible on a home computer or mobile/tablet platform.
  • There is a section which can be completed by the Practice Nurse.
  • The information core of MRS2 is centred around the “Medical Assessment Report” [MAR]. This has three parts:
    1. The Problem List. Brief details of history / investigations / treatment may be added
    2. Surveillance. This lists the surveillance required for the listed problems / periodicity / date due / duration.
    3. Certification. Class 1,2 and 3 / expiry / restrictions / special conditions
  • The questions are based on “Have you ever..?”. So once the information is entered it does not need to be entered again every year. The first time will require salient info to be entered, and we recommend that applicants make their application prior to the appointment to give them time to provide the required information.
  • The Examiner will be able to see in the MAR the information critical to the application. This is why the paper-based system is being phased out.


  • Problem lists. Ensuring your records have a complete problem list now will make it much quicker when you come to use MRS2 for the first time, as this information can be quickly transcribed. For those Doctors who problem code, MRS2 employs SNOMED taxonomy, and will have a facility for coding.

Survey Time

A survey will be sent out today based around Practice Management Systems, please take the time to complete as the data collected will assist with the MRS2 system development.

AvMed Contact numbers

The contact number for pilots and controllers is 1300 4 AVMED ( 1300 4 28633).

The contact number for DAMEs has not changed: +61 2 6217 1170.

DAME 2 - Final Session 2014

The final DAME2 session for 2014 is being alongside the ASAM annual conference in Brisbane. There are limited seats available. If you wish to attend please email

Saturday 13th September 1.30pm - 5.30pm.

DAME Education and CPD

Seminar and conference information

Seminar and conference information
Event Date Location
ASAM Annual Conference 10-13 Sept 2014 Brisbane
ICASM 2014 12-16 Oct 2014 Mexico City, Mexico