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October 2014 edition

DAME Newsletter - October 2014

Over 60s ATPL - Guidance

New guidelines [have been /are being] placed on the CASA website to assist pilots with the requirements for medical applications for ATPL medical applications after the age of 60. This can be found under the heading “Medical information for Pilots & Controllers”

A Guide chart of requirements [is / will] be available for 60+ ATPLs under the “Examiner resources” heading.

Please take the opportunity to review these pages to assist with certification for this group of ATPLs.

CASA Audit

The CASA Audit letters provide details of what is required for the next certification. Please ensure that you review the letter when performing the medical for a pilot on an audit to ensure that all information requested is provided to CASA so as to reduce any delays and frustration during the renewal process.

No ARN- No Medical

We have recently had a few issues when online medical applications are performed where the applicant has not yet requested or received an ARN.

While it is not possible to submit these applications, they will be accessible in your account. After 3 months of the examination being raised the file will automatically “Suspend” and disappear from your account.

If this occurs the file is inaccessible within MRS (including us).

Please ensure that all of your pilots have an ARN before commencing the examination process.

AvMed Contact numbers

The contact number for pilots and controllers is 1300 4 AVMED (1300 4 28633).

The contact number for DAMEs has not changed: +61 2 6217 1170.

DAME Education and CPD

Seminar and conference information

Seminar and conference information
Event Date Location
ICASM 2014 12-16 Oct 2014 Mexico City, Mexico