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March 2015 edition

DAME Newsletter - March 2015

MRS 2 Training Schedule - March-April 2015

Things are moving on rapidly now. Are you getting prepared? On Sunday we had the 1st of the MRS2 training Sessions in Adelaide.

We have received some very beneficial feedback and suggestions. The project team are looking at ways to implement or adjust the system to incorporate some of suggestions provided by the engaged group of Doctors who attended.

There is still some limited availability in the below sessions. If you have not already done so, please email your preference to

Please check these newsletters for guidance. Preparation is the key and we will be providing suggestions about preparing your pilots, staff and procedures to make this a process which works smoothly.

MRS 2 Training Schedule - March-April 2015
Date Location Session (1) Session (2)
Sat, 7 Mar Hobart 9 am -1 pm  
Sat, 7 Mar Cairns 1pm - 5pm  
Sat, 14 Mar Darwin 9 am -1 pm  
Sat, 14 Mar Newcastle 9 am - 1 pm  
Sun, 22 Mar Brisbane 9am - 1 pm  
Sat , 28 Mar Sydney 8.30am - 12.30pm 2pm - 6pm
Sun, 29 Mar Sydney 9am -1 pm  
Sat, 11 Apr Melbourne 8.30am - 12.30pm 2pm - 6 pm
Sun, 12 Apr Melbourne 9am - 1pm  
Sat, 18 Apr Perth 8.30 am – 12.30 pm 2pm – 6pm
Sat, 18 Apr Canberra 9am - 1pm  


To accommodate those of you who are unable to attend a scheduled session, webinars will be run as demand indicates though April. These webinars will be run in the evenings during the week so as to reduce the impact on your business. Please indicate by email if you wish to be involved. An indication of numbers will enable the Project Manager to organise the Web based Conferences.

It is an enormous task to coordinate these training sessions and we do appreciate your patience during this process. Suggestions and ideas are much appreciated, so please keep them coming.

Paper based form submissions

For those of you still submitting paper Medical Applications. I’d like to recommend that you “have a go” with the current online system. This current platform will assist with the transition into MRS2. Contact us and Scott will provide you with the logon details and access.

DAME Revalidation

Just a reminder: If a certificate has expired by more than 3 months it is not legally able to be revalidated as outlined in CASR 67.225

A revalidation must not exceed 2 months after the day the certificate would expire as outlined in CASR 67.220.

Complex Case Meetings

There is evidently some mystery about the Complex Case Meetings, so for your information:

  • They are run most Wednesdays by teleconference with at least four aeromedical specialists
  • The leading assessor researches and presents the case and the other doctors provide comments on the risk assessment.
  • At the teleconference, a joint recommendation is made to the assessing doctor
  • Requests are made to treating doctors or to non-treating specialists for second opinions where needed.
  • On average about 20 cases are discussed each week.
  • Out of the work for these applications comes much policy development and expert opinions inform the guideline development.