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May 2015 edition

DAME Newsletter - May 2015

MRS 2 Training

The scheduled face to face MRS training sessions have now been completed. I would like to thank all who were able to make it to a session and provide feedback. All comments and suggestions we collected have been put forward to the Project team for consideration.

Go-Live Countdown - Getting Ready

  • Prepare applicants for their next medical. It will be online
  • Process for applicants calling about medicals. Reception / nurse procedures. Details found on the New Medical Records System online (MRS) - information for DAMEs, DAOs and COs page.
  • Get ARN’s for staff needing to access MRS2. (see below)
  • If you are not using MRS Online, please register by emailing to start using it. It is the best practice for the new system.
  • Webinars and practice site coming up. Watch this space.
  • Pilots and controllers will be written to personally, to advise them of the changes and how to prepare. (Medical history / glasses + spares / reports / blood tests / online application)


To accommodate those of you who have been unable to attend a scheduled session, webinars will be run 6 to 8 weeks prior to implementation. These webinars will be run in the evenings during the week so as to reduce the impact on your business. Please indicate by email if you wish to be involved. An indication of numbers will enable the Project Manager to organise the Web based Conferences.

DAME2 Delegation

The DAME2 delegation that allows for the issuance of a Class 2 certificate by the DAME where the criteria has been meet, has now been offered to all DAMEs who attended a training session last year.

If you have attended a DAME2 session and not received an email please contact

ARN Application

During the course of the MRS training session we hi-lighted the need for office staff/practice nurses to have an ARN. Here is the link to the ARN application form.

HIMS Australia

It was great to be able to join with operators, unions and medical specialists in launching the HIMS Australia programme this week. As clinicians, we are well-aware of the deadly nature of alcohol dependence. In the aviation setting it takes on an even greater importance. This co-ordinated programme offers major benefits to pilots, industry and the regulator in addressing both safety and personal issues for those tackling this condition. Substance abuse and psychiatric problems make up the most hazardous conditions, in terms of major fatal accidents. How we handle them is of importance. The Clinical Practice Guidelines on alcohol provide guidance about assessment in the regulatory environment. The HIMS programme will encourage people to talk about problems they may be having, and provide a pathway for those who fulfil the requirements, to return to their flying or controlling.

I trust that you are finding AvMed is dealing with your queries promptly. Remember DAME’s have special email and telephone access. I am aware of the time issues for the west (WA). For MRS2 we are requesting additional support, if resources permit. Our medial turnaround for medicals is 7 - 9 days when the required info is provided.

I am on leave for three weeks, and the AvMed team will do their best to assist during that time. I will not be able to answer emails during that time, and any email you would like me to see should be sent once I am back (17/6/2015).