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May 2015 edition

DAME Newsletter - June 2015

The pace of development with the Medical Records System replacement (MRS2) has been ramping up with a lot of effort going into preparing all users for the changeover. Direct communication with applicants, online resources and mailouts are all being prepared. We are intending to run an update at ASAM Annual Meeting in Adelaide, immediately before the launch. In the meantime, some of you will have been contacted to assist with the user-testing, as are pilots.

I am just back from the Aerospace Medical Association annual scientific meeting, which was rich in content this year. Naturally there was discussion about the German Wings crash, and as I have mentioned, we are running a workshop in conjunction with the CAA of New Zealand to review our current processes and take advice on any changes which might be deemed appropriate.

Other topics of discussion related to approaches to certification of pilots: and the high number of potentially impaired pilots represented in the crash statistics on account of medications. It highlighted the hazards of undeclared medication and we are currently working on an online resource both for pilots and DAME’s, which will clarify which medications are of safety relevance.

Finally, I had a meeting with an important sector of the aviation world: the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association of Australia, Recreational Aviation Australia and Sports Aircraft Association of Australia. I trust that some of the heat has been replaced by light as a result. It came as a surprise to the group that CASA refuses only about 170 medical applications in a year, out of some 26,000. As you are well-aware, we work hard to ensure a safe and defensible decision, but the outcome is overwhelmingly in favour of pilots being able to do what we/they love. And I am pleased to say that over the past couple of years we have been able to achieve that outcome in an increasingly prompt and efficient manner. Where things don’t seem to be going well, we appreciate a heads-up from you before the applicant gets needlessly traumatised!


MRS2 training Webinars will be run 6 to 8 weeks prior to implementation. 

If you have not already indicated please email   if you wish to be involved.

Go-Live Countdown - Getting Ready

  • Prepare applicants for their next medical. It will be online
  • Process for applicants calling about medicals. Reception / nurse procedures. Details online.
  • Get ARN’s for staff needing to access MRS2. (see below)
  • If you are not using MRS Online, please register to start using it. It is the best practice for the new system.
  • Webinars and practice site coming up. Watch this space.
  • Pilots and controllers will be written to personally, to advise them of the changes and how to prepare. (Medical history / glasses + spares / reports / blood tests / online application)

ARN Application

During the course of the MRS training session we hi-lighted the need for office staff/practice nurses to have an ARN. Use Form 1162 Aviation Reference Number (ARN) Application to apply for an ARN.

DAME2 Delegation

We have received 40 complete applications for the DAME2 Delegation. These are now being prepared for consideration by the Director of Aviation Safety.

If you attended a DAME2 session last year and are keen to apply for the delegation please forward the application previously emailed to be sure to include a copy of your indemnity insurance.