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December 2015 edition

DAME Newsletter - December 2015

Merry Christmas and a very happy New year

As we near the end of another busy year, we at Aviation Medicine wish you, your staff and families a very merry and safe Christmas and New Year.

MRS Online implementation and preparation


We want to help!! Last month we outlined further training options for MRS online, the response to the survey has been … well underwhelming. If you have not already, please take the time to complete this short survey by Friday (15th December) so that we can accommodate your preferences and confirm dates. Maybe you are across the issues: terrific! But it does make planning easier to have advanced notice of what you want us to arrange. We cannot do it at the last minute. These will be the last face to face training sessions held prior to release of the new MRS.

Options for training include;

  • Face to Face training, held in February - March 2016.
  • E-Learning modules will also be made available; this is a self-paced online learning environment.
  • An online training environment to practise applications and examinations.

DAME Staff Training

In addition to familiarising yourself with the new system your staff may also find the training beneficial. Please let us know if training is required.

Your receptionists and nurses will need an ARN to access the system the application form can be downloaded at Form 1162

Privacy – Important. PLEASE READ

MRS 2 will contain sensitive personal information, which CASA must take steps to keep secure. These steps will include creating terms and conditions for using the system, which will be added to the DAME Handbook.

On accessing MRS 2 (whether for training or clinical purposes), all DAMEs must acknowledge that their use will be subject to those terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will require them to protect medical information on the system from misuse and unauthorised access/disclosure: this will include ensuring the information is only accessed by those who are permitted to have it and who require it for a legitimate purpose.

Another security measure CASA is implementing is to require ARNs and individual logins for any doctor or staff member who accesses MRS 2. Also CASA will conduct regular audits of system access and may contact DAMEs as a part of the audit process.

Essentially the obligations applying to DAMEs accessing MRS 2 will be like the ethical and privacy obligations that would apply to all medical practitioners for safeguarding any personal health record.

I know this runs the risk of egg consumption and grandmother analogies, but it might be a good prompt to remind staff of these obligations: see RACGP standards. This is sensitive information and must be recognised as such (Medical Board Para 225). Thanks for your assistance.

Online Payments

This is a reminder to let you applicants know that there is an online payment facility available on the CASA website.

Measuring our performance – Aviation community survey

CASA is listening to the aviation community and want to find out what you think about your interactions with us as a DAME.

CASA will be conducting surveys every two years to measure the health of the relationship with industry. This information will provide a benchmark so that CASA know where to focus efforts to strengthen the relationship over time.

The survey is accessible via the CASA website, with responses due by 18 December.

A Little Reflection

This is probably one of the “heavier” newsletters, at the end of a fairly “heavy” year. We have had uncertain staffing, major developments with IT, the Germanwings incident and yet as the end of the year approaches (and I retreat to a beautiful spot in New Zealand, devoid of mobile coverage), there is encouragement on a number of fronts. Germanwings served to open up dialogue on psychiatric matters of concern. The HIMS alcohol and drug programme is getting into gear in Australia, and likewise will provide a tangible incentive for pilots and controllers affected to seek assistance with a dangerous and deadly problem. The wide consultation and training associated with MRS has given us a great opportunity to improve contacts around the country, and even some overseas. Compliments outnumber complaints. It’s a good team. And I trust there is a chance for some peace and goodwill for all participants over the break.

We will be back and there’s a lot to face in the New Year: we’ll keep you posted.

With best wishes