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January 2016 edition

DAME Newsletter - January 2016

Welcome back! This newsletter is short, but highlights some important matters we want DAME’s to know about well in advance of MRS 2 going live. Get back to us with queries and suggestions and we will do our best to help. Online training access has been running for groups of DAME’s, with information being sent to DAME’s and applicants about the forthcoming changes.

MRS2 - preparation for upcoming implementation

Early 2016 will see the new Medical Records System implemented. To allow for the data migration and clearing of assessments there will be a short down time of 3 business days. The dates of the system outage will be made available to you as soon as confirmed. Unfortunately, this means that there will be a period when no examinations can be undertaken or submitted. Pilots and controllers are being advised of this (email / letter / SMS / Aero clubs etc.), and the need to plan medicals either side of late February and March. If you know of applicants who have difficulties working around this outage, they should call 1300 4 AVMED for assistance.

Helps will include;

  • e-Learning module
  • comprehensive user guide
  • 'information to pilot' handouts
  • Continual Updates on the CASA Website.

What you need to do

  • Ensure that practice nurses and receptionists have applied for an ARN at Form 1162.This will allow for access to the system that will assist when booking appointments or when completing the clinical measurements.
  • Have a response ready for applicants calling about getting their medical, which details steps.
  • Decide the best way for signing declarations electronically: mouse pen, tablet, touchpad etc.
  • Have a method of accessing reports electronically in the practice system, (or on your scanner) so that they can be uploaded with the medical, e.g. ECG’s, specialist reports etc.

What will change

Applicants will have:

  • Early notification of the periodic tests required for a medical
  • A module to complete their medical history prior to attending the DAME
  • An integrated payment system. Class 1 and 3 will pay ahead of appointment. Class 2’s will pay at consultation to accommodate those who are seeking a DAME assessment and certification (DAME 2 process)
  • Ability to check progress of their application.

With the new system you will have:

  • Visibility of medical conditions known to CASA
  • Access to previous medical applications
  • Systematic (SNOMED) problem listing
  • Important documentation.

Further Training

Thank you to those of you who have responded to the Survey regarding further training.

We have opened up the training environments to the first group of 120 DAMEs. Although many did not log , those that did have provided favourable feedback.

We are still to finalise venues for the face to face training, as indicated by those who have responded will mainly be in the capital cities. Please if you require further face to face training do tell us!

These are major changes, and work will be ongoing to improve a number of areas. The first medicals will be more labour intensive as new information is entered into the system, but for the majority of applicants in the future, we will have a far better awareness of the matters of concern to an individual’s assessment. Thanks for your part in this significant transition.