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What a DAME/DAO must report to CASA

DAMEs and DAOs have an obligation to report relevant medical information to CASA.

If the holder of a medical certificate tells a DAME or DAO about a medical condition that is safety-relevant, then the DAME or DAO must inform CASA of the condition within five working days.

This obligation is outlined in the CASR 1998 Part 67 - Medical

A medically significant condition is safety‑relevant if it reduces, or is likely to reduce, a person’s ability to exercise the privilege of the license they hold or have applied for.

How to report

Communication with Aviation Medicine by the DAME or DAO to CASA should be in writing, by post, email or fax. Where available, details of the condition, treatment and supporting documentation should be also be submitted with the notification.

Changes to your DAME contact details

One of the requirements of designation with CASA is that you notify us of any changes to your contact details.

This includes any change in your location, email, fax or phone numbers. If they do change, please let us know immediately. Failure to do this will mean that you may miss out on important information from CASA. 

If you move and we are unable to contact you, your file will be marked inactive and your name removed from our list of DAMES as published on this website.