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Specific medical conditions

Clinical practice guidelines

The Clinical Practice Guidelines provide a source of guidance to DAME’s, but can also provide general information on a range of aeromedical conditions for pilots and air traffic controllers as well.

CASA makes aeromedical decisions on a case by case basis. A particular assessment decision is based on the individual circumstances of the applicant under consideration.

The Guidelines are not a statement about how CASA will proceed to make a decision in every case.

Each Guideline provides advice on clinical matters to DAMEs about medical conditions and how they are best approached to enable speedy and effective decision making. Also provided are sections on indicative outcomes and information that can be useful for pilots.

They highlight to DAME’s the likely areas of importance for certain safety-relevant conditions and to inform the timely collection of appropriate information. The information that is provided in the Guidelines is generic and indicative only.

Every effort is made to maintain the currency of these guidelines, however changes in medical science or clinical practice may impact on the accuracy of these Guidelines and CASA gives no assurance as to their accuracy. CASA is not responsible for any loss suffered in connection with the use of the Guidelines or any of the content.

The Guidelines describe CASA’s expectations about how certain medical issues or matters are approached and examined by a DAME. They also describe the type of limitations likely to be imposed by CASA on a medical certificate.

The Guidelines are organised with a separate topic on each page and the initial view is alphabetical.

You can read the DAME Clinical Practice Guidelines on line or download sections as required.