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First-time medical certificate applications

In order for a pilot or ATC to exercise the privileges of their licence, you must hold a current medical certificate issued by CASA.

Starting Out

However, if you are just starting out, there are no medical requirements for learning to fly when you are in the aircraft with your flight instructor. If you have any relevant medical conditions or history, you should consider discussing this with a medical practitioner and your flying school before starting to fly, especially if you intend to become a professional pilot. Safety is paramount for you and others, so it is essential to be fully prepared.

Going Solo - What do you want to do?

Private Flying

The Class 2 Medical Certificate enables the use of your Pilot's Licence in wide range of aircraft types. It is obtained by application online and medical by Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME)

The Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner's Certificate (RAMPC) is based on driving licence medical requirements with limited privileges and is available from some General Practitioners and DAME's.

RAMPC Flying Privileges

Aircraft weight <1500kg I passenger only Flight under 10,000 feet Day visual flight rules (i.e. good weather daytime flying)

Thinking of a career?

Class 1 Medical Certificate - enables the use of your licence for commercial operations. It is a good idea to undergo a Class 1 medical before starting commercial training. Make sure you meet the requirements before spending your money on the training.

If you are looking at a career in aviation as an Air Traffic Controller, a minimum Class 3 medical certificate applies to holders of an Air Traffic Control License and Flight Service Officers.

What next?

  • Talk to your local flying club or school. They will advise about the training requirements and know the local contacts.
  • If you have medical concerns or questions, talk to a local DAME or contact CASA Aviation Medicine
  • Obtain an Aviation Records Number (ARN)
  • The application process for a medical certificate can be completed online. You will need an ARN and credit card for the application fee (currently $75)
  • Call your nearest DAME to arrange any tests needed and an appointment for an aviation medical examination

Needing help or advice? Contact CASA Aviation Medicine