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September 2015 edition

DAME Newsletter - September 2015

MRS online update

The team are working hard on the new online Medical Record system. However, as is the nature of software development there have been some delays. You have noticed some hiccups on the online software, which are due to the installation of a new programme to hold all the contact and licence data. We continue to push hard to make the replacement MRS as easy to use as possible and similar in look and feel to the existing online programme. We will keep you posted.

We are now expecting the system to be rolled out in the first half of next year and we are currently on track to achieve this outcome.

Training opportunities will continue to be available. Webinars will be held 6 to 8 weeks prior to release and updates will be through the newsletter as we get closer to release. There will also be a limited number of face-to-face sessions if they are of interest.

Information regarding the new MRS online

Cessation of Paper Medical Applications

An email was sent to all last week regarding the cessation of the Paper application form. As of 1 October AvMed will no longer be accepting the paper based application forms. If you have not yet been set up please contact Scott on . He will be able to assist you with the transition to the computer based system.


We have recently updated our policy on NOACs. Please refer to the CPG covering these medications

Do not upload payment forms

We continue to receive payment forms uploaded to MRS Online.  Please be aware that payment forms must not be uploaded through the MRS System - this is to prevent any opportunity for fraud of misuse by holding credit card details. Online payments are available and the preferred option. Besides, the online system (CASA Home Page) is fast and works.

Payment forms must be either emailed to or faxed to 02 6217 1640.

CASA is running educational sessions on Sunday at ASAM, as well as some MRS updates.