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May 2016 edition

DAME Newsletter - May 2016

From Principal Medical Officer, Dr Michael Drane

CASA continues to make improvements to MRS. Thanks to those who have provided feedback and suggestions.  A number of new features will soon be added to MRS including automated email reminders and automatic submission of applications. You can read more about these changes in this newsletter.

We can’t assess some medical examinations at the moment as they are still with the DAME and have not been submitted to CASA. Payment must be made by the applicant and problem mapping must be complete before you can submit an application. The article below explains what you need to do.

If you have a question about SNOMED or payment of processing fees, I encourage you to have a look at the last issue of the DAME Newsletter for guidance.  Please remember that we are here to help. If you have checked the tips , user guide and eLearning module for MRS and are still having trouble, please call us on the DAME Liaison line, 02 6217 1170.

One of the requests Av Med has received from DAMEs is for us to provide distance learning. We are looking at ways distance learning could be used to provide support for using MRS. A webinar is one option. We will soon be sending you a short online survey to see how many DAMEs would be interested in taking part in a webinar. The survey will help give us a better understanding of the support you need for using MRS and the best way to provide it.

Lastly, Av Med would be most grateful for your help managing the expectations of medical certificate applicants. Please let them know that it can take up to 28 days for CASA to assess medicals at the moment due to the large number of applications that need to be processed.

With best wishes,


New features for MRS

New features will be added to MRS in the coming weeks including:

  • Automatic submission of applications where payment has been made and the examination and problem mapping has been completed. You will no longer need to press the button, ‘Send to CASA to assess’. MRS will submit the application automatically.
  • Automated emails reminding you to finalise an application if you haven’t worked on the application for seven days. The email will include a link which will take you to where you last left the application in MRS.
  • The ability to see if an applicant’s medical certificate was issued by CASA. You will be able to view an applicant’s medical certificate details on the Examination Summary page.

The upgrade will also include improved viewing and navigation of medical questionnaires, as well as styling changes to tabs to make them more prominent.

Medicals not being submitted to CASA

A number of medical examinations are not being submitted to CASA in MRS which is causing delays in the medical certification process. You will not be able to submit an examination to CASA if problem mapping isn’t complete and payment hasn’t been made.

The status, ‘System processing successful’ tells you that the application has been run through the MRS “Rules Engine” to check some of the answers. It does not mean the application is complete. From here, you need to consider the whole application and identify the problems which have been reported. Completing the problem mapping relates the findings to those problems.

Do make sure that Class 2 applicants have paid the processing fee in MRS during the exam.  If the applicant hasn’t already paid the processing fee in MRS, please ask them to do so at the end of their examination.

  • Click on their medical to be taken to the ‘Examiner Summary’ screen
  • Click on the blue button, ‘Make a payment’ to open the secure payment portal
  • Ask the applicant to enter their credit card details

Provided payment is successful, and you have completed problem mapping, you will then be able to click ‘Send to CASA to assess’ to submit the examination to CASA. You will then receive the status, ‘CASA received application’.

Make sure you enter a valid signature when completing the declaration in MRS. Full stops and other symbols are not valid and will result in an error message. To ensure your signature works we recommend using Google Chrome.

Revalidating a medical certificate

You can revalidate a medical certificate if you are satisfied that the applicant is fit to exercise the privileges of that certificate. The only exception is certificates endorsed, ‘Renew by CASA only’.

If it becomes clear that more information is required during an examination, you can revalidate the applicant’s existing certificate so they can continue to fly while waiting for their application to be assessed.

MRS will automatically send the applicant their revalidated medical certificate by email.

More information on medical certificate revalidations is available in the DAME Handbook.

Online bookings for aviation medicals

You can now include your practice’s web address and email address in CASA’s examiner listing.

This means applicants can choose to email your practice or use your practice’s online booking function to make an appointment for their examination.

Please email your web address and/or email address to if you would like it to be published in CASA’s examiner listing.